Write a letter to the DSO Board of Directors!

Many of you have asked what YOU can do to, right now, to help us work toward getting the musicians of the DSO back on the stage of Orchestra Hall where they belong.

One thing that you can do today is write a letter to the members of the Board of Directors of the DSO.  You can write to this email address:

We will collect these letters and deliver them to every board member!  We will also post your letters on the SOS website.  If you do not want your letter posted, please indicate so in the subject line

Remember, the members of the Board are the ‘custodians and stewards’ of the DSO.  It is their responsibility to support and preserve the orchestra, not drastically change it into a smaller, lesser organization.

Here are some points you could include in your letter:

  • WHY does the Board stand by while the DSO’s crisis continues to escalate? Why does it not demand from management an immediate, mutually satisfactory resolution?
  • WHY does the Board permit management to collect full salary to administer an orchestra that is not playing and to spend its advertising budget publicizing programs that won’t take place?
  • WHY does the Board stand by and not demand accountability from management to explain how it can run through four Development Officers in five years, making it practically impossible to expand the list of donors and develop the kinds of relationships that result in major gifts?
  • WHY does the Board stand by while distrust and hostility are corroding the relationship between management and the musicians? And why does it not ask management if and how it plans to eventually repair that relationship? And …
  • WHY did the Board not open the floor to stakeholder’s questions at the Dec. 9th Annual General Meeting, as is customary?  And, why did the Board leadership leave the meeting so quickly when one of the DSO’s major donors rose to speak?
  • ASK THE BOARD to help us save the DSO as a world-class orchestra—not as a small, second-class orchestra reflecting a small vision.

It is our hope that through our efforts and with your support we will bring about a resolution to the current contract dispute and once again have world class symphonic music at Detroit’s Orchestra Hall!


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  • Kae Halonen

    I was a kid whose life was transformed because somebody knew that classical music belongs to poor families as well as the wealthy. I’ve always been grateful for the grace, energy, community, peace and hope that music brought to my life, even in the hardest of times. Those that labor to bring us the music (the musicians, stage hands, conductor) deserve our collective respect. I urge DSO management to settle with the symphony, today. Their demands are fair and realistic. Corporations have sent jobs away from the Detroit. Don’t add insult to injury by taking music and hope away from our deserving community

  • Mike Wargal

    Only 10 days left till the first rehearsal of the new year. Will the Board of Directors do the right thing and tell management to get to the table and hammer out a deal?

    I’m not holding my breath………..

  • Barry J Burton

    No board in charge of a major cultural institution in Detroit has ever accomplished such a debacle as this one. I hope you can find some way to justify what you are doing as leaders in a community which doesn’t deserve another black eye. The worst of this sorry situation is this disaster is not inflicted upon us by an international trade agreement or a national financial economic crisis but has been promoted, witnessed and coddled by you who might otherwise be called champions of the arts for Michigan. What do you think the true great promoters of the arts such as Max Fischer or Edsel and Elaenor Ford would think about the world famous DSO remaining closed even after the governor and U.S. Senator stepped in and nothing could get resolved? What kinds of stewards are you? Your legacies are already so sadly tainted as you have been sold down a river by Ann Parsons and her few supporters. Their inability to raise the proper funding which even in other recessions has materialized thanks to more capable directors that I wonder how you will tell your children and grand children what you did to ruin a great symphony. How can you believe so strongly that the present situation is justifiable?
    I beg you to see the light in this situation. How much money are you for paying for top management and consultants to tell you information that at best, is trying to predict the future concerning revenue predictions? How much revenue loss are you willing to accept to justify keeping the symphony shut down to make up the difference between the musicians’ present offer for concessions and upper managements hard-line and inflexible stand? And finally, how much good will are you willing to loose in a region which is just getting back on its feet because once that is lost, the damage will go on for a generation? If you want to remember your contributions to Detroit’s cultural scene then please contribute your energy, now that’s it truly needed, to resolve this completely avoidable disaster.

  • Samar Atallah

    Dear Board,
    It’s almost the New Year and the DSO is still not playing in Orchestra Hall. This is a great travesty not to say the least! We can’t allow this world-class organization to fail and see all the progress that we’ve made over the years simply to vanish into thin air! Something must be done SOON to rectify this problem. Perhaps electing a new Board?

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