The Beethoven Project – Part 4

Day One I told you how I feel in love with classical music. Day Two I told you how I imagined the school children becoming immersed in Beethoven as The Beethoven Project begins. Day Three, I described Finale 1, where parents would get to see the children moving in rhythm to the entire Beethoven 7th Symphony. So today, as promised: Finale 2: The most exciting thing of all.

The kids board a bus for Orchestra Hall. Many parents have caught the “fever” and decided to come along. As the children enter the hall, they are amazed by the beauty of it. But that is nothing compared to the joy they have when the Detroit Symphony musicians raise their instruments and the children hear the first few notes of the Beethoven 7th Symphony. It is THEIR song!!!! “And look – all their bows are going the same way at the same time!! What a great sound!!!! That’s part I love – when we do the spinning – that’s played by those shiny instruments – oh yes, I remember, that’s the brass!!” First, the 3rd graders are on the edge of their seats as THEIR movement is being played.

Can they stand up and do their dance? No, the teacher has said they have to stay in their seats – but on the inside – you better believe they are dancing!!! Every note reminds them of their exact motion, of their part, of their connection with this monumental work. Can’t they please stand and move? No, they cannot – but their hearts are dancing and they are in total awe of the incredible sound enveloping their bodies and their souls. As the final chord comes to a close, every child is on his feet, applauding excitedly!

Tomorrow: next steps.



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