The Beethoven Project – Part 3

Day One I described how I fell in love with music myself and Day Two I began to describe the way I envision children becoming excited by it as well. So now, as I promised, I will tell you about what this all could lead to.

A 2nd grader, for example, goes to school…every day for 2 months he hears the 2nd movement of Beethoven 7 when he’s painting in art class, when he’s learning in music class, and when he’s preparing a movement routine in gym class. After two months, he now LOVES the piece. What would then be the finale of this? There would be two finales! Today, I will describe Finale 1.

This would take place on the high school football field! Can you envision this? Ideally, it would be springtime. All the parents are in the stands. The 1st movement of Beethoven Symphony No. 7 begins, being broadcast from the loudspeakers. The 3rd graders walk out on the field, in some sort of costumes or coordinated clothing, and begin their routine to this movement. They move slowly during the introduction and then come alive and are exuberant in the 6/8 section. After thunderous applause, the 2nd graders come out, and do their routine to the 2nd movement – it is slow and parents are amazed how stately and coordinated the youngest children are, entranced by the powerful music. It is breathtaking, and some parents have tears in their eyes. After more thunderous applause, the 4th graders do their routine to the 3rd movement and the then the proud 5th graders come out and “dance” to the triumphant finale.

I see it looking like patterns from the stands, somewhat like what a marching band does, only more child-like and creative. By now, the students and parents are realizing that the movements of the Beethoven they did not study are also incredible!

This whole parent show is only the Finale 1, so tomorrow I will tell you about Finale 2.



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