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Have Performance Magazine styled after Bravo (Michigan Opera Theatre) or Detroit Chamber Winds & Strings program:  ONE magazine to be used all season with inserts for each performance.  The donors would be listed, sponsors credited, etc.  Because of sheer numbers of classical vs. pops vs. jazz performances, perhaps one magazine for each musical style with the others available for the patrons to obtain at an information station manned by marketing.


Hi guys,

The ticket line was a disaster last weekend. I missed the overture even though I had tickets waiting for me at Will Call.

The camera guys were obtrusive.

One bartender on the second floor? You could sell a lot more drinks if the poor guy had help. How about a volunteer from SOS?

Also, why are you doing the concert with Emmanuelle at both Seligman and Shaare Zedek? Aren’t they only a few miles from each other? It would make more sense to have the second concert in a different suburb.

Thanks for listening!


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