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6 Responses to SOS Member Survey!

  1. Lorraine McDonnell says:

    WELCOME BACK HOME TO ALL OF THE MUSICIANS __and all of us, too!! Waiting to sign up for my 17th year as a subscriber. Bought VIP tickets to ALL of the concerts throughout the strike. I was able to attend the first concert and then purchased tickets to ALL the remaining 6 concerts (4 TX each) —Have been a donor in the past to the DSO, but now have just donated — directly to the SOS.

  2. Dr. Miller says:

    How many DSO muscians before the strike are no longer with the DSO? How many new muscians have been hired by the DSO after the strike?

  3. Linette Popoff-Parks says:

    Thanks for all your hard work, and your continued commitment to making a profound impact on all aspects of the DSO organization and support.

  4. Dianne Feeley says:

    Have attended more concerts during strike than any previous year! Loved seeing new people in attendance. Am committed to the musicians of the DSO and love Orchestra Hall. Will be at the concert this Saturday and will look for SOSers! Have written about the strike a couple of places; here’s my latest:

  5. Brenda Freedland Pangborn says:

    I have supported the DSO. I have been a donor. I was a subscriber for 30 years, I worked my butt off for the DSO. Does anyone in management care? I think not.

  6. Debbie Lannen says:

    See you at Orchestra Hall!

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