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Here is one member’s response to a blog posting in The Detroit News.

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Mr. Daniel Howes (The Detroit News),

While some of your editorial rings true, much of it takes a page from Glen Beck’s book of Detroit bashing. It is so easy to point the finger and spew opinions on how Detroit screws up public schools, municipal governments, car companies, WHOLE industries. Then print someone’s really constructive comment, “Yep, Welcome to Detroit! We can’t even screw up anything correctly!” to back up your take on reality.

That’s quite a punch you pack, but really, back to reality and not yours. People across Detroit are working hard to set things straight. What are you doing? The auto industry tanked here for many reasons, and guess what? It survived along with thousands of jobs. Detroit is making and selling great cars again thanks to a President who believed that Americans should still manufacture something in this country; and thanks to management and union labor who worked hard to build better cars, better companies and a more viable industry. What’s wrong with that?

People across the metro Detroit area are volunteering their time to make Detroit a better place because they believe in Detroit. What are you doing besides bashing it? DPS is being overhauled by dedicated public servants, teachers, parents and volunteers. Tough decisions are being made and its going to take time, but Detroit is going to be very proud of its schools and graduates one day.

And the DSO? I’m here to tell you that the DSO audience is alive and well and full of good will for the musicians. The rancor and rhetoric tossed back and forth between DSO management and musicians pales in comparison to your take on Detroit. While DSO management has not made things easy for the musicians, they still invest their time and money in something they believe in. Many of the board members split their time between the DSO and other organizations trying to improve Detroit. The musicians are continuing to play concerts all across metro-Detroit to packed audiences full of good will and love for them. Just because the musicians have taken a painful stand to retain working conditions they believe will ensure a more artistically and financially viable future for the orchestra is no reason to attack their efforts. Quoting someone who accuses the musicians of being “absolutely senseless, mindlessly destructive, almost juvenile” makes it appear as if you’ve made your case. Is it easy to take a stand from the comfort of your news desk or your home about how we “build up so we can tear down?”

The only tearing down I see is your dressing down of all things Detroit. Sounds like you need to relocate. Glen Beck’s neighborhood probably has a few houses for sale.

Denise Neville
Save Our Symphony



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