As the strike begins its 20th week, SOS is announcing Reflections…a blog on events and circumstances surrounding the orchestra. We hope it is a positive place to generate dialogue. After all, positive dialogue is what is sorely needed right now.

if I could pick one word for today, it would be gratitude. Like so many powerful words, it is overused, (Hello Jimmy Fallon, “Thank you God….for Swedish fish…”) yet Gratitude is the first place we need to start when any situation in our lives deteriorates so badly it appears there is no way out. Gratitude is the palate cleanser for our heart and souls.

So, for those of you who are interested, here is my list. Please add your own list in the comments if you are inclined!

To the musicians, I am supremely grateful for the snowy concert at Kirk in the Hills on Saturday night. (If you haven’t been lately, come to one of their concerts and discover why our musicians truly are in a class by themselves). Detroit, we should be so proud!

To the audience, thank you for being part of this and for doing what audiences do, coming to hear the music. The love and appreciation for the musicians reverberated throughout that magnificent setting. The snow and ice outside had nothing on the warmth and joy inside. I have fuel for the week now!

To the DSO board and faithful donors, both large and small, I am grateful for your contributions sustaining the DSO over the years. Collectively, your efforts helped build an organization attracting top musicians from all over the world.

To the DSO’s current executive staff, I am grateful for the role you played bringing the orchestra’s audience together as one passionate voice. Our orchestra needs a united audience. We are here to stay.

To my Mom, you showed me the way.

To all you SOSers, who feel as I do, thank you for signing up and adding your voice to the growing list of supporters. Thank you for your letters to the board and your passion for keeping a world class orchestra here in Detroit.

And last, but not least, thank you to all the people who believe in Detroit as I do and who know that Michigan is a fantastic place to call home. Anyone see Chrysler’s ad about Detroit with Eminem during the Super Bowl?

I am hopeful that all sides will realize there is really just ONE side of a problem. All sides want great music played here in Detroit and we need a talented pool of musicians to do this.

Once the musicians are playing again at Orchestra Hall, let’s unite as one and work together to support the orchestra. Resolution of the DSO’s financial crisis should not rest solely on the backs of the musicians, the DSO’s most valuable asset.

Denise Neville

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  • Yes, aren’t we all so fortunate to have heard the DSO musicians over the years in all the great venues across metro Detrtoit although nothing beats Orchestra Hall.

    Right now, I am thrilled to find like-minded supporters of our orchestra. Its going to make the music sound that much better knowing you’re all out there in the seats savoring the music along with my family and me.

    Don’t stop believing…

    Like everything else Detroit’s faced, we can do this too.

  • David Faulkner

    I consider myself to be very fortunate for having the chance to hear the DSO 8 or 10 times a year for at least 20 years. I have also as a performer been involved in some thrilling performances as a member of Detroit Concert Choir singing Carmina Burana several times as well as a Meadowbrook performance of music of Bernstein and Sondheim. My mother and i usually go together to the DSO and it has been very precious for sure!

  • Mark Abbott

    Denise, I give gratitude for your beautiful words- just the thing we all need right now.

  • Christa Grix

    Beautifully stated, Denise. The concert Saturday night was wonderful, wasn’t it?

  • Mike Wargal

    I am grateful for the beautiful and acoustically perfect Orchestra Hall, which was saved from the wrecking ball by the musicians in the 1980s.

    I started attending DSO concerts when they were still playing at Ford Auditorium. When they moved to Orchestra Hall, the difference was stunning!

    I look forward to hearing them in their home very soon.

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