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Jan 19,  · My mom died in September and my dad died last month. During my mom’s illness I noticed some nude pictures of my daughter had been saved to my desktop computer. It was basically my husband’s computer; I have a laptop. My daughter comes over and uses the computer sometimes, so I thought perhaps she had saved the photos for some reason.

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Dec 24,  · I’m not proud of this, but the next day while she was out I sneaked a peek at her computer. I found literally hundreds of explicit pictures of my daughter with men and women, and I Author: Emily Yoffe.

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Saw naked pictures of my step daughter. I was spying on my step daughter by checking her phone. She was 17 at the time and found dozens of selfies of her naked, in thongs and many very explicit. I guess they were for her BF. Never told her mother and never said another word. What a body, what perfect little t***. She loved posing like that.

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