Pathway to a peaceful settlement.

March 4, 2011

Dear Esteemed DSO Board Member,

We are writing to you to ask you to convene a meeting of the full Board of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, to consider and vote on our proposal to end the current strike through binding arbitration. The procedure we are asking you to agree to is a simple pathway to a peaceful settlement.

All remaining unresolved issues from the last offer of each side shall be submitted to binding arbitration before a three person panel. The Union would select one arbitrator, the DSO would select one, and these two individuals would select a third.

The parties would present and argue their position on each of the unresolved issues, and ultimately, the panel would issue a final and binding decision which was approved by at least two of the three. The majority could adopt the position of one party over the position of the other, or they could propose something different. Any provisions of the arbitrators’ decision which can be made retroactively, will be so implemented.

If this procedure is agreeable to both parties, as set forth above, the strike could end, and the orchestra could return to the stage immediately, under the terms of the DSO’s final offer of February 15, 2011.

This is a painful step for the musicians, considering they overwhelmingly rejected the Feb. 15 proposal. It may be a difficult step for management as well, since they publicly withdrew the proposal after they failed to secure a majority vote of the musicians.

We believe this to be a fair, equitable, and expeditious way of preserving this great institution for now, and for future generations.

We feel it is important to respond as quickly as possible, in order to salvage whatever is left of this season and prepare for exciting summer and fall seasons, while the arbitration case proceeds to a conclusion.

If this procedure is agreeable to both parties, the strike could end immediately. The DSO would begin generating revenue for the first time in five months. We are extending our hand in friendship with this offer. Please convene the Board of Directors and vote yes on this pathway to a peaceful settlement.


The Musicians of the DSO



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