Open Letter

Will the DSO be Michigan’s next casualty in this recession?

YES, if DSO management and board of trustees have their way.

They believe the DSO cannot survive in its current form and propose to downgrade our orchestra from its world-class stature by drastically reducing the number of musicians and performances, slashing the musicians’ compensation and benefits while imposing draconian working conditions…

We are DSO patrons, donors, subscribers, business owners and community members.

We are people who love great music and also recognize the economic value that this powerful orchestra brings to Detroit and Michigan.

We believe so strongly in preserving the essential character and tradition of this world-class orchestra that we formed the nonprofit group: Save Our Symphony (SOS).

The mission of SOS is to promote and support the world-class artistic excellence and stature of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and to hold its management and board of trustees accountable for their fiduciary responsibilities to the public trust including the preservation of this great orchestra and its future.

Join us so your voice can be heard: please register your email with us to stay sharp on the latest updates. Thank you for your patience as we establish contact information and build our website.


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4 Responses to Open Letter

  1. Steven Kemp says:

    Kim, you are sooo right. Actually, they raised more than enough money to pay for the building. But no one is being held accountable. My question is “why?”. And why make the musicians, who didn’t ask for it, pay for it?

  2. Kim Kennedy says:

    What I learned to be the case was they raised most of the money to fund the building, then thought they would make double digit returns on the stock market. Well, it all went down the drain. So, rather than paying off a debt, they gambled the real money raised. Now, they pass the noose to us. I believe the people responsible for that decision should themselves re re raise that money and pay the amount gambled.

  3. Brenda Pangborn says:

    AMEN to everything written by Cynthia. The leadership of the DSO has been on strike for years!

  4. cynthia says:

    Has the DSO Inc. considered selling The Max and investing in their product, it’s world class musicians? Surely the musicians are more important than a building deal that was badly managed from the start. Why would the DSO Inc. punish the musicians for the administration’s lack of planning and foresight, development plan and endowment management for The Max? They should come clean about the absurdly enormous amount of debt that was created. How could they have justified this when they only had $20 million of a $60 million cost?
    It does not take a genious to quickly figure out that raising that amount of money would be very difficult, even 7 years ago. It didn’t work out, so why not sell The Max and preserve the orchestra? They still have Orchestra Hall where their stage is and where people sit to listen.
    To have the musicians cut more than they have already offered (29% is it?) and lead and feed the media information that this is the fault somehow of the musicians and the union, is a crime.
    They have such great talent and discipline-that is why this orchestra has created jobs for other people-such as the executive staff. They are actually making a living and career off of the musicians. The least they could do is treat them with respect and do the work that needs to be done.

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