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In our lives, we very often rely on the advice and assistance of experts. If we hire a plumber or an electrician, a builder or a physician, there is the expectation that someone with appropriate skills and talents is on the job. When we go to a DSO concert, there the assumption that we will hear music played by experts, conducted by an expert. The ushers will know where our seats are located, the seats will be there and the roof will not leak. When we buy tickets and make donations, we expect that there will be concerts
I claim that the board and management have failed to live up to their side of the bargain. They have not managed the orchestra properly, made a mess of paying for the building expansion, failed to involve the orchestra in critical decisions, misrepresented the facts and have used significant resources to further this misguided effort. They have unilaterally decided on remedies, and now expect the audience and the musicians to pay for their lack of foresight.
If anything is to be salvaged from this situation, it seems clear that a new team needs to get involved. There is more than ample evidence that the current personnel are unable to get it done. If the present policies continue, the only possible result will be the end of the DSO as we know it. It is beginning to appear that nobody currently involved in the process will care, aside from the musicians and audience, and they do not count for much, as things stand today.
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  • Brenda Freedland..

    Very well said. Sadly, it is the same as preaching to the choir. The Board and Ms. Parsons just don’t get it. They don’t have the same appreciation for the quality of music performed by the musicians. THE MUSICIANS ARE THE DETROIT SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA.

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