‘New Model’ for DSO management?

Pants on fire

In case you’ve been under a rock for the last several days, affairs in Detroit have become pretty dramatic. After their rejection of the “final offer” on Saturday, on Sunday the musicians were met with a truly bizarre turn of events. One question kept entering my mind: was the DSO management just disingenuous the entire time, or simply continuing their established pattern of ineptitude regarding the press?

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  • Mark Abbott

    I want to make one thing clear. The great, great majority of the executive board is loved and respected by the DSO musicians. Their only fault is putting trust into a few people who have essentially lied to them about what ther true motive was. That motive was leaked by Paul Hogle a few days ago. I believe that the board loves their orchestra- please investigate the entire contract that was offered to the musicians and you will see why it was unacceptable- it is not about the money.

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