Letter to WRCJ

The following is a letter to Chris Felcyn (WRCJ radio host) from Judith Doyle in response to the recording, scheduling and broadcasting radio interviews of Detroit Symphony Musician Haden McKay (prerecorded and broadcast December 13, 2010 at 3 p.m.) and DSO Management Anne Parsons (live interview scheduled for Dec 14, 2010 at 3 p.m.).


“The silver Tongued Dame of Erin” arises!

I heard the interview today at three. Appropriate, respectful, informative … 
I understand it was taped days/weeks ago.
Each person was given a 10 day window during which time they were to come to the radio station to be interviewed separately, unable to hear what the other had to say.

Haden did the interview aired today, over a week ago.
Ann Parsons did not interview as of this morning.

Why did she wait until the last minute?
Was she hoping to hear Haden’s statement?
Did she use the weather as an excuse to not show?

Please tell me she did not use the excuse of a person’s funeral as an excuse to postpone the interview!
Please tell me her opportunity to interview will now be revoked as she has been able to listen to Haden’s, questions and responses, therefore negating the understood agreement.

Is this standard opperating procedure for Ann Parsons?

Perhaps an offer to interview in the future can be arranged for both parties.
It might even include the voice of the community!

You are a good person with integrity. All who know you agree.
Do not let her get away with this, Chris.

Judy Doyle

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2 Responses to Letter to WRCJ

  1. Chris Felcyn says:

    The following was sent on Tuesday, December 14th:


    Beyond what we were told, and passed along on Monday’s broadcast, we have no further information on Anne Parson’s reasons for postponing her appearance, nor do we feel it’s particularly relevant to our objective. Our stated purpose was to provide Anne and Haden an equal opportunity to describe their personal vision of what the DSO would look like after a settlement. This was not going to be a “point-counterpoint,” thrust and rebuttal type of affair, but rather an opportunity for each to state their hope for the future.

    As for the timing issue, while it was true that Haden’s statement was recorded slightly more than a week before it was broadcast, he can tell you that I extended to him every opportunity to revise his remarks should the situation have evolved to make his original segment, in his opinion, dated or obsolete. He told me last Thursday after the Annual Meeting that he was comfortable with his original interview.

    Judy, as I mentioned to you before, we are a music station without any in-house news or public affairs department to produce this kind of feature. Nonetheless we felt that the issues here were of such vital importance to our audience that we had to try to present an objective and fair depiction of the situation to our listeners.

    Within our limited resources we intend to continue to do so.

    Be assured we share your passion for keeping the music alive in Detroit


    Chris Felcyn

    Producer – Host
    WRCJ-FM, 90.9

  2. Mark says:

    Chris, I know you’re an honorable person and will not allow Ms. Parsons to manipulate this interview. The ground rules were that neither party would be able to hear the others before their own comments. She has obviously broken these ground rules and should not be allowed to comment.

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