Letter from the Adams

Dear Board,
My twin children started playing Suzuki violin at age three. Our family has religiously attended the Tiny Tots events, the Henry Ford Fourth of July Celebrations, and Meadowbrook events for years. They have a photo of them with conductor Wilkins in their bedroom. My children are now seven years old. They have continued to be inspired by the magic of the DSO well past the moment they leave the Max Fischer. The professionalism of the DSO is second to none as is your carefully selected age-appropriate concert repertoire. Both of my children now play concertos in Suzuki books 4 & 5 and can also play the viola and piano. They tell me about Beethoven’s dream that “music will change the world.” They hum and sing classical music and are filled with beauty. Beethoven was right. The amazing thing about your performances is that they truly transform the listener and motivate us to find our own paths of excellence.

Yours truly,
The Adams



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