Letter from Susan Melendy

Dear DSO Board,

I am truly disappointed that you have not in good faith negotiated a new contract with our DSO Musicians. Based upon the proposed offer by management to have the musicians cut their income by 29% and do some administrative work, I believe that the management team and the Board of Directors do not have any idea what it takes to not only become a musician, get into a Symphony Orchestra or what it takes to perform in a Symphony Orchestra.

What does management do for the DSO? Perhaps management should decrease their income by 40%, to offset some of the deficit, in lieu of the turnover of fundraisers who have been unable to do the job that they were hired to do. Where is the accountability for mis-management?

Changing the tiny tots concerts to a moms band, only demonstrates that management is not doing their job in promoting Symphonic Music to young children and their parents. That is part of management’s job, to promote the arts.

I am tired of your unwillingness to negotiate and your unwillingness to try to understand what it takes to maintain our world class Orchestra.

The DSO is one of our jewels in Detroit. Why are you so willing to destroy this jewel?

Perhaps what the DSO needs is a new management team.

Susan Melendy



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