Letter from Steve Vitale

DSO Board,

I agree that the musicians and management need to come up with a fair and fiscally responsible settlement.

That being said, at what point does the DSO become OUR orchestra rather than the plaything of the select few.

It is clear that the management plan to turn the DSO into the Detroit SYMPATHY Orchestra has failed big time and the responsibility lays at the top. Even with a settlement, can the musicians trust the leadership of this organization … ever??

I would have liked to donate additional funding to the DSO and would have loved to participate in the Annual Meeting. However, the board’s decision to walk off the stage while one of the donors was speaking is … deplorable. Why should we support an organization that we clearly have no voice in.

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra belongs to this community and, once this is settled, we need to find a way to take it back so that the community and the musicians have some input into it’s direction. Unless this is done, any monetary settlement is no more than a bandage.

Steve Vitale



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