Letter from Robert Glassman

To the Board of Directors of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra,
It was with much sorrow that I requested a full refund of my subscription tickets for the cancelled concerts of the past few months.  It is with pride and appreciation, however, that I immediately passed that amount on to the Musicians of the Detroit Symphony.
You must realize how angry and ashamed the current situation makes us feel as we watch our civic pride wasting away for lack of reason and humane good sense.  Why do you all stand by and continue to pay the Executive Director and Maestro Slatkin their rewarding salaries while the musicians cannot make music in Orchestra Hall?  Why have you not publicly called upon the DSO sponsoring banks to discontinue collection of mortgage interest on the new hall construction until a loan modification can be put into effect?
You must realize that you continue to alienate music lovers here and across the world with your intransigence and failure to conduct honest bargaining with the musicians in order to seek a fair way out of this mess.  The results, in my case, will be to move my meager support for the arts to other venues.  Painful as that may be, I will not be able to return to Orchestra Hall if your dangerous scheme prevails.
In the hope that fairness and reason may prevail, I remain faithfully yours, Robert Glassman

Robert Glassman, Ann Arbor, MI



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