Letter from Robert Glassman

DSO Board,

I do hope that Maestro Slatkin will not be collecting double duty pay this coming weekend in Detroit and Chicago.  As a subscriber to the DSO and an admirer of the Maestro, I have been very troubled by the notion that the music director and the executive director continue to be paid while they have no duties to perform while the musicians are on strike.

It is well past the time for Maestro Slatkin to take a stand with his colleagues in the orchestra and not to continue to hide in fear of management and the board of directors.  None of these worthies, as far as I have been able to ascertain, are capable of performing at anywhere near the caliber of our music director and musicians, fine artists all.  Their needs must come first or there will be no DSO for any of us.

Yours truly, Robert Glassman


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  • Carolyn Barnett-..

    He ,also, has an orchestra in France for which he is very well compensated, and which he was conducting in December. I agree it is long past time he come out for his orchestra , meaning the Musicians, here.
    I don’t think, despite the position everyone has understood to be one in which he is supposed to
    appear neutral, it is appropriate at this juncture.

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