Letter from Paul Ellison

Dear DSO Board of Directors,

First please allow me to thank you for your profound and truly meaningful contribution to the DSO and to the arts on the national level by your support and guidance of Michigan’s premiere arts organization.

Though the wounds may take considerable time to heal it does now seem possible that true, good faith negotiations are imminent.

From a distance one must hope that reinforcing the substance, standards and values of a North American cultural icon, the DSO, will top the agenda of all parties.

Time and time again we see that it is musical excellence and willingness to continue to strive for the highest artistic standards and goals that ultimately generates sustained appreciation and support.

The resolution now so seductively possible must in fact include the collective wisdom of all parties involved. With true collective bargaining the possibilities attainable are at least entreaguing and at best worthy of the everyones loftiest goals.

The sound of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra is unmistakably that of one of the worlds great orchestras. Is this not what everyone wants to continue? It is possible.
Thank you for your consideration.

Paul Ellison
Paul V Ellison
L. S. Autrey Professor of Double Bass
Chair, String Department
Rice University


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  • Jeff Narkwick

    Thanks Paul. I hope allis well in Houston.

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