Letter from Nora Trabilsy

To The Board of Directors and Management of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra,

You have let your donors down.  You have let your staff down.  You have let the City of Detroit down especially during its renewal efforts.  You have disappointed your season ticket holders.  You have treated your musicians, your product, in a vindictive and dismissive manner.  You have fostered an environment of ill will and hostility.  You have disregarded former Governor Granholm and Mr. Levin’s contract proposal by refusing to discuss, negotiate or consider it.  You continue to call your self a Board of Directors when in fact there is nothing or no one to direct.  Each pay period management continues to collect their pay when they have essentially no one to manage.  They have no product to market.  I would suspect, due to their previous fiscal irresponsibility they also have no money to pay the bills with the exception of what they are saving on musician’s salaries.  If you were a banker or broker you would be in jail.  If you were an automaker you would be bankrupt.  If you were a shopkeeper you would be closing your doors (you don’t even have enough for a going out of business sale).  But you are the DSO Board of Directors and Management and what you have is self-righteous indignation.  You practice regressive bargaining and no bargaining at all.  Just as management says they can find recent college graduates to replace symphony musicians for 42% of their salary I can find twice as many to replace management for 50% of their salary and they will be delighted to do so.  Wake up and smell the coffee (if you can still afford coffee) and put an end to this fiasco.  If you don’t, you will have succeeded in destroying this magical gem that is so essential to the cultural community that still exists in the City of Detroit and its suburbs.

Nora Trabilsy

P.S. to Anne Parsons: Vous ne sont plus nécessaires!



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