Letter from Mr. & Mrs. Walter R. Koch

January 1, 2011
DSO Board of Directors
Dear Friends:
As a lifetime resident of Detroit and more recently of a suburb, I am greatly concerned about the current impasse between DSO management and DSO musicians.  There are some indications that our economy may be close to turning the corner yet supporters of the DSO, like myself, are getting mixed signals on your situation.  There is not any significant coverage of negotiations that would encourage contributors/supporters to allow any important financial commitments.  How can the Board not make a major effort to clarify the situation for supporters like me?
We are people who put our money where our heart is (like our many annual subscriptions over the years) but cannot work up any commitment in the present unclear situation.
I am a retired businessman with a clear eye for integrity in negotiations and business planning.  There appears to be little indication in the present situation to encourage or clarify, and I must ask why?
Do something now to clarify before our struggling city sinks any deeper without its orchestral gem.
Very truly,
Mr. & Mrs. Walter R. Koch, Northville


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