Letter from Michele Schoel

To the DSO Board of Directors,
I am a great fan of the DSO, and a donor. I  do appreciate you being on the board.  However, I am disappointed in your lack of action during this strike.
Why haven’t you directed management to continue negotiating?  The  Governor  and Senator Levin took the time to offer a solution and management’s lack of response gave the appearance that management and the Board have no interest in settling the strike.
The DSO is dependent on donations but you are angering your patrons.  On December 9th at your annual meeting, how could you walk out of the room when one of your major donors rose to speak?  Have you considered that your rudeness might cost you donations from him and other donors.  I know of several donors(including myself) who did not write the checks that they usually write at the end of the year.
The management staff is working at full salary so please direct them to work toward a solution to this strike.  Please maintain the DSO as a world-class orchestra.  I don’t think Leonard Slatkin would be interested in conducting a second class orchestra.

Michele Schoel



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