Letter from Michael and Stephanie Riley

The silencing of the DSO is a tragedy for the music lovers of Detroit and a disaster in the making. Subscribers and other audiences will lose their connection with the orchestra, which is a close and personal bond.

Not all issues in the dispute are clear to the public, but what is clear is that the financial offer of the musicians is an enormous cut that is exceeded in this Michigan economy only by those who have actually lost their jobs—no other employees are asked to forfeit 30% of their pay. Indeed,few would consider remaining at an institution that required a 20% cut as the orchestra has proposed.

The $2 million difference between positions since the Granholm /Levin proposal is surely not insurmountable by a dedicated and industrious board that should have a realistic view of the damage a further prolonging of the impasse will wreak on the region just beginning to get its motor going again.

Michael and Stephanie Riley



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