Letter from Maureen Cook

Dear Board.

You have no idea of how important the public of Detroit and it’s suburbs feel about our symphony .  It is a respite from all that is going on.  It is saving the most wonderful symphony in the contry.  it is keeping jobs to many who have been faithful to you.

The musicians are being fair, the Board is not.  I will never come to a symphony again if you hire lesser musicians and have many many people saying the same thing.


Maureen Cook, Bloomfield Twp.

In the Jan. 13, 2011 Op-Ed Column of the New York Times, Paul Krugman wrote a blistering piece on the divided state of our country, economically, socially, politically and culturally.  I was moved to include a comparison of our own fair city in the Comments section.
Comment #272

Mr. Krugman’s labeling of the “I earned it and I have the right to keep it” crowd hits the nail on the head. Greed in this country is being disguised as a moral position–the old “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” thinking that if I give my hard earned money to less fortunate, they aren’t learning the lesson of self sustenance like all good Americans should–when the reality is this is just a lack of concern for our fellow man. This greed is evidenced not only in our economic mess, but in the breakdown of culture, as it is currently playing out in my home town with the strike by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra against a management who tells the musicians “take it or leave it” rather than participating in collective bargaining. Such tactics by managements of arts organizations across the country are just a reflection of this method of breaking the working class through union busting that we have been seeing in many industries.

“I earned it and I have a right to keep it”– OK, but with rights come responsibilities. And just as the “old money” of this country knew that philanthropic support to the arts helped to sustain a civil and more caring society, so should the “super rich” continue in that wise path. You might even see the byproduct of a working class who has some respect for you, rather than contempt.



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