Letter from Lynn Halton

When a student from Spain visited us 2 summers ago, we bragged about the DSO and other jewels of our area to her and showed her many of them.  Please preserve this jewel in our community!

I introduced all 3 of my children to classical music and instruments through the Tiny Tots and Young People’s Concerts.  I remember my daughter, who is now a student at the University of Michigan, touching your musician’s violin prior to a concert and then she “made” a violin and bow out of paper and a pencil afterward at home.  All 3 of my kids started their musical careers by playing violin and now have branched out to many other instruments.  Your music and musicians have enriched their lives!

Please give me the opportunity to introduce the same to my 12 week old nephew.  I plan to take him to these children’s concerts like I did for my children and hope to see the same world-class musicians playing on the stage and in our communities.

Thank you for working hard to continue offering culture, creativity, and music to our metro Detroit area!

Lynn Halton
Farmington Hills, MI



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