Letter from Kathy McCreedy

Dear DSO Board,

I am absolutely furious over the lack of progress you have made with the musicians of the DSO!  I am appalled at the lack of effort it seems the Board and the President, Ann Parsons are putting toward resolving this dispute!  Why should this woman, who is not a native Detroiter and who has been charged with promoting and improving the DSO, have the right to systematically destroy such a valuable asset to the city of Detroit and tri-county region?!?

From everything I’ve read and heard, you should all be ashamed of yourselves and should all be replaced by people who REALLY care.  Do your jobs and resolve this mess… please do whatever it takes to restore this priceless gem to a position of prominence in our region and do whatever it takes to resolve the financial dispute!  There is no way the 2010-11 season should be suspended and it is absolutely unthinkable that Parsons is even considering deferring the announcement of the 2011-12 season!  Fire that woman, she obviously has no faith that this can be resolved, besides, what is she doing to help the situation?  She collects an obscenely huge paycheck… fire her and appoint someone to negotiate in good faith without needing a salary and you’re well on your way to closing that $2 million gap!

Please get this work done!  Otherwise, how will you, in good conscience, sleep at night?!?  This is your responsibility to guide and nurture the DSO, so please, DO YOUR JOBS!  And please, GET RID OF ANN PARSONS!  It seems to me she owes the DSO all of her back salary… she’s clearly done NOTHING to improve the DSO, since under her guidance the situation has become this dire.

Kathy McCreedy, Royal Oak



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