Letter from Kathy Drozd

Dear DSO Board Members:

As a 34 year old lifelong resident of Metro Detroit I may not be a demographic segment you would expect to hear from, but you need to know that the situation impacting the DSO is far reaching. My husband and I had planned to purchase our first subscription to the symphony this past fall, however please understand that if the DSO returns to Metro Detroit as Ann Parsons and her select cronies would plan, virtually equivalent to community orchestra, then there is no possibility that we, nor most other current symphony fans would elect to subscribe to the DSO.

While in Germany this past November my husband and I had the opportunity to see Leonard Slatkin conduct the Dresden Philharmonic. It was a stunning performance and it brought home to us just how fortunate we have been to have a world class symphony in Detroit, and how incredibly wrong it would be to lose this cultural treasure because a handful of short-sighted and ill-meaning individuals do not have the greater good of Metro Detroiters and Michiganders in mind.

Please have the courage and foresight to stand up to Ann Parsons. Do not sit idly by while this tyranny continues.  There is no reason that a handful of individuals should be able to make such condemning decisions on a cultural institution such as this.

As ‘custodians and stewards’ of the Detroit Symphony you have the ability, opportunity, and responsibility to stand up for what is right and not allow the symphony to be relegated to second class status.

I am sure you joined the DSO Board with the best of intentions.  Do you want this to be your legacy?

Kathy Drozd



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