Letter from Kathy Bonathan

DSO Board

I am a Music Educator, mother of a Music Performance major at Wayne State
University and a subscriber to the DSO.  I was thrilled to be able to double
our subscription this year and crushed beyond belief that the strike has
occurred.  Management is acting in such a pompous and uncaring manner that I
am often speechless when I try to discuss the issues with others.  Please
get rid of Ms. Parsons or at the very least cut her outrageous salary.
Please sit down with the musicians who are willing to make HUGE concessions
to settle this strike.  Please stop trying to rob the metro Detroit area of
one of the jewels in the arts.

Please understand that the musicians ARE the orchestra.  Without them, there
is no symphony.  They are willing to work with you – show your willingness
to work with them.

Kathy Bonathan



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