Letter from Juan de Gomar

Dear Mr Frankel,

I am writing you and the DSO Board in hopes that there is still a chance to save this great orchestra before it is too late. You are in the rare position of determining the very existence of this ensemble. Don’t let history write that in an attempt to hold firm, the orchestra was lost forever. Surely the efforts of senator Levin and former governor Granholm must stand for something. Can the board honestly remain so totally intransigent concerning the efforts of such high officials and not come away with the public perception of  total stone cold indifference? History remembers!
You are charged with the survival and preservation of this ensemble. Do you honestly want your name and the demise of the DSO to be synonymous? Please let history be kind. This is not just a great orchestra but also a group of people who have given their lives to this ensemble for far longer than you and or Anne Parsons. You will be able to walk away with a job and a house. The lives of the musicians will be destroyed!!
In the spirit of mercy,
Juan de Gomar



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