Letter from Jonathan Boyd

Dear Board of the Detroit Symphony,
I have been a loyal fan of the DSO since 1968.   Either as a bassoonist or a student of chamber music, I am a former student of Robert S. Williams, Paul Ganson, Donald Baker, Doug Cornelson, Clement Barone, Oliver Green, Philip Austin, Ray Benner, Shaul Ben Meir, Felix Resnick, and other wonderful teachers from the DSO whose expertise and guidance has always been a joy and an inspiration to me.
I may not have all of my facts in order about the financial problems that are happening with the DSO, because I no longer know what to believe.   I am simply writing with an appeal for you to stop taking the unfair stance that you appear to be taking, and get up off your seats and save the orchestra, at whatever cost.  This should not be a we vs. them situation, it should be a situation where all hands are working toward the same goal.
If the rumors about the mismanagement of funds are true, as well as those of intimidating tactics and pandering to bad press releases, then, shame!  You are demolishing this orchestra by neglect.
Neither the city nor the state can take much more bad news, and the city does not want or need a C-league orchestra. That’s what you’ll get if you pay an orchestra what you intend to.  Why would this crop of master musicians stay when they can walk into any A-league orchestra in the country?   Detroit and Michigan deserve better.
It is just gross the way this has been handled from the management end, especially in light of the concessions that the musicians have agreed to take.   It is like you don’t care one way or the other.  If you do care, act.  If you don’t care, then step aside and let someone who does run the orchestra.   Please do not let the DSO go to ruin 3 years before its 100th anniversary!   It means too much to too many people.
Jonathan B. Boyd, Bassoonist


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