Letter from John Bruce Yeh

Dear trusted Board member of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra,

Please allow me this opportunity to comment on the current state of the DSO. I have been involved with symphony orchestras for nearly 50 years, and a member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for 34 years. Symphony orchestras form a unique and beautiful genre of cultural institution in our society. Those communities fortunate enough to have had the vision to cultivate and maintain a major symphony as part of their fabric possess an invaluable asset that contributes to the quality of life in so many ways. The Detroit Symphony is a treasured jewel among American orchestras and must be ardently protected. They are a group of very special human beings, eminently talented and highly trained. The sole purpose of Detroit Symphony Orchestra Board membership is to serve and maintain this magnificent collective at peak performance level. Is this why you are a Board member? Current DSO “management” and Board leadership obviously has the opposite agenda, and has abdicated responsibility of stewardship and protection, in favor of ugly and destructive tactics. Your distinguished former Board colleague Cecilia Benner has issued an eloquent and impassioned plea that must be heeded. To do otherwise is simply unethical and dead wrong. I urge you to band together and contribute to the stewardship of the great DSO. Wealth untold exists in the Detroit metro area and it must be tapped. It is most telling and unique that Governor Granholm and Senator Lewis have considered the DSO a major priority, having put forth a proposal, which the DSO Musicians have embraced in good faith, despite the sacrifices it entails for them. Your board leadership and management has blatantly and rudely ignored the Governor and Senator’s entreaties. Please do the right thing, individually and collectively, to take the steps necessary to rectify this intolerable situation.

Wishing you a speedy resolution to save the DSO, and a Peaceful, Healthy and Prosperous New Year,


John Bruce Yeh
Acting Principal Clarinet
Chicago Symphony Orchestra

I am also a member of the Chicago Symphony (31years) and a former member of the Detroit Symphony ( 8 years) and would like to add my support for this plea from my colleague. I don’t think I could say it any better and hope you will be able to come to an agreeable settlement very soon.

With all the best to you in the NEW YEAR,
Paul Phillips, violinist CSO



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