Letter from Jean Casey

To the Board of Directors,

By now you have received many articulate letters stating why we need to save the DSO as a World Class Orchestra.  Instead of antagonism, find a way to resolve this issue as soon as possible.  I think that if negotiations in good faith proceed and an appeal to donors and the audience were then made also in good faith then I believe that funds needed to close the gap could be easily raised.  Why wasn’t this approach taken from the beginning?  On the other hand diminishing our orchestra would be catastrophic for all of us in the Detroit metro area.  Look to the future and you will see the DSO in the middle of a vibrant Mid Town area, with undoubtedly an increase in audiences and revenue.

Jean Casey

subscriber and donor


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  • Judy Doyle

    I’m with you,Jean! This has been the point from the beginning, but only for those who share your vision and values. It drags on when there is not uniformity of values and vision from all involved in the process. Stay with us and keep the good energy flowing! Listening to the music helps! And the Musicians tell me playing the music helps them!
    Thank you for your encouraging letter!
    Judy Doyle

  • Mary Ann

    Very nice letter. Absolutely agree.

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