Letter from Jane and Jim Hinkins

Dear DSO Board of Directors and particularly Ms. Parsons,

Please have some human decency and sensitivity to the people of the Detroit area.  We need the Orchestra: the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.  This is just not a group of pick -up players.  These people are real and they have worked together for the good of our community and the glory of Music. Please understand and we hoped you could save face and have made many concessions.  The musicians are people with families and a real life. We in Detroit need the music.  We are not able to move or to travel far to hear other performances and we have become accustomed to the best here at home.  The political moves of the board are just plain not right.  The audience has the right to the music.  The phone calls that we patrons had before the season began border on harassment.  You are seeking money and not seeking to promote art.  THis in an attempt to plead for some justice and for the beauty that is Symphony music. I beg you to reconsider your stance and negotiate.  My husband and I have been patrons of the Symphony for over 40 years.  We at one time could afford season tickets.  We were a small part of the save Orchestra hall initiative and we are so sorry to see the gem stand empty.  It saddens us to see something so wonderful destroyed by hard hearts. I respectfully again beg you to reconsider.


Jane and Jim Hinkins
656 Washington Rd
Grosse Pointe, MI 48230



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