Letter from Jack Pokrzywa

To the Directors of the DSO Board:

As a regular (now former due to the strike) at DSO weekly concerts, I am very concerned about the status of the negotiations between the DSO management and the musicians. I am also appalled at a lethargic stand the management and the Board is taking towards resolving this conflict.

Why do you, the Directors, stand by while the DSO’s crisis continues to escalate? Why don’t you demand from management an immediate, mutually satisfactory resolution? Is it with your permission that the management is collecting full salary to administer an orchestra that is not playing and spending its advertising budget publicizing programs that won’t take place? What happened to the industry models where CEO’s or Managing Directors showed their willingness to work out the differences while protecting the expense lines and reducing their salaries until resolution can be achieved?

Why does the Board stand by and not demand accountability from management to explain how it can run through four Development Officers in five years, making it practically impossible to expand the list of donors and develop the kinds of relationships that result in major gifts? Why does the Board stand by while distrust and hostility are corroding the relationship between management and the musicians? And why does it not ask management if and how it plans to eventually repair that relationship?

Also, why did the Board not open the floor to stakeholder’s questions at the Dec. 9th Annual General Meeting, as is customary?  And, why did the Board leadership leave the meeting so quickly when one of the DSO’s major donors rose to speak?

We trust that your mission is to help save the DSO as a world-class orchestra—not as a small, second-class orchestra reflecting a small vision. However that trust is diminishing with every day going by, every concert being cancelled and every rejection of positive proposals, even those coming from recognized community leaders.

Please end this conflict by executing your mission.


Jack Pokrzywa



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