Letter from Gilbert Rose

Dear DSO Board Members:

I’m hardly expecting a reply, but this is my second letter of this nature, and my sense is that my first letter was not urgent enough, or angry enough to properly get my message across.

I can’t believe that the DSO has already been out of commission nearly four months, and apparently there is no end in sight.  Please, please, please find a way to end the acrimony and let the orchestra go back to work.  Canceling the rest of the current season and making noises about delaying the announcement of next season is the worst kind of brinksmanship.  If your goal is to endeavor to create an environment where the musicians and management mutually respect one another and want to work together to secure a better future, this doesn’t appear to be the best way to go about it.

I miss not going to DSO concerts.  I am personally embarrassed that this is happening to “my” orchestra, which I have been following and supporting for 55 years.  I’m extremely angry about all this; somewhat angry at the musicians, considerably more angry at management and furious at the Board of Directors for not taking whatever action is necessary to end this foolishness.

Please, I implore you, end the strike now before we lose the orchestra altogether.

Gilbert Rose



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