letter from Florence M. Rhodes

December 10, 2010

Ms. Anne Parsons

President and CEO, Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Max M. Fisher Music Center

3711 Woodward Avenue

Detroit, Michigan 48201

My husband and I have been coming to Detroit from southern Wisconsin to hear concerts by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra for the past six years, and we have been contributors to the orchestra for the past three years. Earlier this year we moved to Grosse Pointe, with the DSO being one of the primary attractions.

We have been moved beyond words by the excellent concerts we have heard this past fall, given by the musicians and their volunteer conductors, and also by the very thoughtful and reasonable remarks by the musicians’ spokespeople. We are distressed and saddened to see this fine organization threatened by patently unreasonable demands by the orchestra management, both in financial terms and in additional non-musical duties, which can only detract from the highest level of performance by the musicians.

More than ever, the city of Detroit needs its historically outstanding orchestra as an attraction for tourists and new residents alike. Such an institution can fail rapidly, but take decades to ever regain its high quality and world-wide reputation.

We did not move to the Detroit area with the expectation of hearing concerts by a community orchestra, and are putting on hold our purchase of season tickets and annual contributions until there is a satisfactory settlement with the musicians of the orchestra and the promise of the DSO’s continuing excellence.


Florence M. Rhodes

Cc: Mr. Stanley Frankel, Chairman of the DSO Board of Directors

Mr. Paul Hogle, Executive Vice President, DSO

The Musicians of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra



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