Letter from Eynuce Creswell

Dear DSO Board,

For years, I came regularly from Lansing to DSO concerts. I’m sure there are others who have traveled just to hear the wonderful musicians and music of the DSO.  I will be in the audience again … if I have a chance.

I am concerned that the musicians I have appreciated so much will move on so they can support themselves and their families.

I am concerned that if this isn’t settled very soon, there will be no DSO in the future.

When local schools come into hard economic times, the music programs are some of the first to be cut.  Such shortsighted action fails to take into consideration the importance of music in our lives, the discipline and mental skills children develop … and especially that cut programs may take years … if ever …to build up again to current levels.

The view the DSO situation as being similar.  Excellent musicians will be lost, the top quality musicians won’t want to come.

Perhaps it’s time to rethink priorities; to consider how any of us could live the a cut in income that is being demanded of the musicians, to give supporters something to support, to start making music again, and to start generating income for the DSO.


Eunice E. Creswell
Okemos, MI



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