Letter from Dr. Steven and Amy Kesler

Dear DSO Board members:

I am writing in complete disgust as to how you have stood by as a handful of people have come close to destroying Michigan’s artistic jewel, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, an institution that you are intended to act as custodians and guardians of.  Why will you not stand up to the management to encourage them to accept the musicians’ generous settlements?  Why do you allow them to continue to get paid while the orchestra is not allowed to produce beautiful music?  Why do you endorse spending funds to advertise for concerts that will not happen when they claim that money is so desperately lacking?  Why has no one considered that the management may be at fault here?  It is the musicians that make an orchestra great, not their management.

Please consider your responsibility to the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and the people of Michigan.  Let’s work together to get the musicians back on stage at Orchestra Hall!!!

Thank you,

Dr. Steven and Amy Kesler,
season ticket holders, music and Michigan lovers,
and concerned parents



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