Letter from Dr. Joseph D. Daniel

Dear Members of the Board of the DSO:

I have been following the situation with the DSO labor dispute from its inception. As a professional musician working within the city of Detroit, I experience, first hand, the impact our symphony has on the citizens of Detroit and the surrounding suburbs. Do not underestimate the love Detroiters feel for the DSO. Going this long without a formal subscription series has certainly impacted people’s lives.  The DSO has long been a shining beacon for the city of Detroit: a world-class orchestra in a city which rarely receives positive national attention.

We are all familiar with the woes facing many nonprofit organizations these days, so please understand that I sympathize with the reality of the situation at hand. Persons who truly love and support the nonprofits for whom they work do whatever it takes to see them succeed. Sadly, this situation casts serious doubt upon Ms. Parsons and her interests in the DSO. As the president of the organization, she should be the front runner in finding a solution. She has, rather, proposed canceling the rest of the season and has suggested that future seasons be suspended as well. This is simply ludicrous. By suspending the series, clearly she will not be fulfilling her duty to further the mission and goals of the DSO. It leads me to wonder if  Ms. Parsons will also propose a suspension of her salary and that of the other employees of the DSO to show her own commitment to the interests of the organization – or will she simply continue to draw her full salary and other benefits?

As the guardians of the orchestra, you must call for an end to this struggle. The musicians have met and offered concessions. They are not without fault, but they have made steps in the right direction. Despite this, your president has refused to budge and is holding the entire cultural community of Detroit hostage. Please, take a stand and return the DSO to the stage of Orchestra Hall.

Most sincerely,

Dr. Joseph D. Daniel

Dr. Joseph D. Daniel
Director of Music & Liturgy
St. Matthew’s & St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church


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  • Patricia Pats

    thank you for your very important statement….the DSO belongs to the community and MUST serve the community.

  • Dr. M.W.Couvreur

    I couldn’t have said it better. Thank you for distilling community-wide sentiments so eloquently.

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