Letter from Dr. Bertram J. Spiwak

DSO Board:
I was a subscriber to the Symphony from 1963 to 1997. My Wife Audrey,a Pianist, and I live for Classical Music. We retired to South Florida in 1998. The Florida Philharmonic was disbanded shortly thereafter, but we were able to fulfill our “lust’ for fine music by subscribing to Michael Tilson Thomas’s New World Symphony Academy. We live in Boynton Beach, which is 65 miles North of Miami Beach. The New World Symphony will move into the new Frank Geary Auditorium through the generosity of the city of Miami Beach and the supporters and donors of the Academy this January. We travel back and forth 130 miles for each concert and we are gratified by their music and success.
It is Criminal not to settle with the wonderful Detroit Musicians who have made concessions that will allow the Symphony to come back. Both institutions like Ford and GM who are on there way to profitability can once again become supporters of the Detroit Symphony, as well as the City of Detroit, since it no longer has a corrupt administration led by Mayor Kwami Kilpatrick who “Filched” hundreds of thousands of dollars from the People of Detroit, some of which could have been used to support The Detroit Symphony.
Sincerely,  Bertram J. Spiwak M.D.



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