Letter from David korff

There are times when to remain silent is the only regret.

As a Board that has been honored and trusted to serve and preserve the
extraordinary gift of a musical ensemble such as the Detroit Symphony
Orchestra, your silence in the face of misdirected authority is
regrettable bordering on tragic.

Michigan is a State of magnificent geography, pride and inventive
curiosity in art and science.  We have suffered an economic blow from
which creative minds and entrepreneurs continue to challenge us to step
forward and to act.  They are not silent.

When we discuss “World Class” it is hoped that you truly understand the
scope of the term.  Many audiences have heard the DSO, “live and in
concert” – many millions more have heard the DSO recorded and have
shown their delight, not in silence, but in a plead for ENCORE.

Our actions, thoughts and passions have been expressed in the letters
you have received from hundreds of dedicated patrons, donors and those
dedicated to music throughout Michigan and well beyond.  They are not

At St. Clair County Community College, we have been privileged to host
many of your musicians – an outreach and a thumbs-up to the Thumb.  We
are a small venue ( 350 seats ), but you may be sure that the pleasure
and applause was anything but silent.

As you prepare for negotiations on behalf of The Detroit Symphony,
please do not silence the music.

David Korff, Chair
Visual and Performing Arts Department
St. Clair County Community College
Port Huron, Michigan



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