Letter from David and Katie Elsila

Dear DSO Board Members:

Please do not let the Detroit Symphony Orchestra die.  With the two side apart by less than $670,000 a year, and you payments to administrators of nearly a half-million dollars a year, there is simply no excuse to not coming to terms with the musicians, who have offered to take a 25-percent pay cut.  We urge you to listen to community leaders and to settle this contract as quickly as possible.
We have been season subscribers in the past and we have enjoyed DSO concerts at Orchestra Hall and listening to DSO recordings on the radio. We have also been in the audience when DSO musicians have played their own well-organized and well-attended concerts recently at various churches and schools in the metro area during the current strike.
And while we haven’t  yet joined a picket line or demonstration at Orchestra Hall, we will definitely do so if the dispute is not settled. And once the strike is over and the musicians are back at work with a contract, we will resume our financial support — but not until then.
Give Detroit a New Year’s present with a new contract for our wonderful, talented musicians.
David and Katie Elsila, Grosse Pointe Park


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