Letter from Cynthia Brody

To The DSO Board of Directors:

This morning’s Detroit News editorial attacking the musicians of the Detroit Symphony contained the statement that “Management contends 70 percent of those in the Save Our Symphony group are not DSO donors.”  I am quite curious as to how that figure was arrived at, as neither I nor anyone I know who supports Save Our Symphony has been interviewed by anyone from the News or DSO management as to their contribution history.

I am a single working mom of two teenagers.  Over the past 15 to 20 years or so, I’ve given anywhere from $50 to $100 annually to the DSO.  I know that is not a huge amount but it is what I can afford and more importantly, I have given consistently, every year, often committing to multi-year pledges.  This year my contribution is “on hold” due to my concerns about DSO management priorities and their manner of handling the labor negotiations.  When having a world-class symphony is again the top priority of the DSO’s management, I’ll resume my enthusiastic support of the DSO.

Cynthia Brody

Beverly Hills

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