Letter from Christa Grix

To the Detroit Symphony Orchestra Management and Board,
Local 5 AFM Officers and Members, and
Save Our Symphony Officers and Members:

Like it or not, we are all invested together in this strike, and the stakes are getting higher with each passing day. Every moment spent using the media to point out the flaws on the other side of the negotiating table wastes precious time and energy needed to solve the immense crisis facing the Detroit Symphony. The time for rhetoric is over – we have got to get to work, and somehow, we’ve got to work together.

This should not be about “re-defining” the American Symphony Orchestra – this must be about rescuing the DSO from its past financial decisions, eliminating the deficit and getting butts in seats. Both sides should and need to be working together, bargaining in good faith, behaving in an open and transparent manner with one another, and collaborating on ways to succeed together. I would hope that by now each side has a thorough understanding of the other’s position, knows what positions are tenable and what positions can be conceded. When all of that is accomplished, you will see an American orchestra re-defined.

The big question we need to look at does not deal with settling the issues that divide us – but rather, how do we move forward from here? My hope is that the passionate public support for the DSO that has been engendered as a result of this strike will remain a vital force promoting the organization. Save Our Symphony could be an invaluable asset to the DSO, and the management should be recognizing it as such, instead of publicly deriding its members.

Christa Grix

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