Letter from Cherrill Flynn

To the DSO Board Members,

I am writing this e-mail to beseech you to do all in your power to save our Detroit Symphony Orchestra.  I have been enjoying DSO concerts since the early ’60′s when the orchestra’s home was the Ford Auditorium.  My husband and I were season ticket holders…until the late ’80′s , when he sadly passed away.After that, I joined friends and purchased season tickets through them.  I have been a supporter for 50 years

We have always felt so fortunate to be able to listen and enjoy a world class symphony;play music that we loved.  Through those years, it was always “food for the soul”

I find it difficult to believe that now, when music is so important to all of us; considering the difficult times that we are experiencing in Michigan, that the governing board of the DSO would not fight long and hard to do everything in their power to maintain the symphony at their world class status. I have always been so proud of our orchestra, and thankful for those who help govern it.

Please, please continue to act as not only the custodians of the orchestra members, but also the guardians of the wonderful music that they have given us through the years.You must do everything in your power to “Save our Symphony”.

Thank you for all you are doing and all that you must do.


Cherrill Flynn



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