Letter from Charles Layton

Dear Members of the Board of DSO,

My wife and I have been DSO season ticket holders for about 20 years. I understand that in this economic climate we must all adjust our expectations. However, it seems that while the musicians are willing to take large cuts in compensation, there is little willingness on the part of management to make similar sacrifices in order to reach agreement.

The (unsigned) e-mail message sent to subscribers by DSO management on January 12th is aggressive and insulting to the musicians and indicates that those responsible for writing it are at present unable to behave with the respect necessary to resolve this dispute.

I urge you to do everything in your power to resolve this dispute while ensuring that the world class status of the DSO is maintained. I suggest that the management attitude to the musicians must be changed in order to achieve this. If this can be done by exercising your authority over the management team which is currently in place, so much the better. If not please pursue alternatives as soon as possible. The longer the dispute continues the greater the damage to our orchestra and to those musicians and businesses whose livelihood depends upon it.

Charles Layton


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  • Kevin Good/Cindi..

    Well said, Charlie. Thanks

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