Letter from Cary Kocher

Dear DSO Board of Directors,

By all appearances the Board is seeking to take Detroit off the
cultural map by dismantling its world-class orchestra.  What vision
for Detroit includes this in the plans?

I have been reading everything that I can find about this labor
dispute and cannot find any evidence that your hard-line position on
compensation for the members is truly necessary for the continuation
of the organization.

The musicians have already conceded a record-setting percentage of
their compensation.  The governor stepped in and urged an ounce more,
and they agreed, but the board held fast to a position that will, one
way or another, destroy the institution.

Why are you not taking this momentous opportunity to bring the
musicians back and score a PR victory, allowing you to launch the
proper DEVELOPMENT CAMPAIGN for addressing the budget issues?  The
patronage is there in the Detroit community; I share this strong
belief with numerous people more qualified than myself to assess the
nonprofit climate in Detroit.


Cary Kocher
Ann Arbor



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