Letter from Brian Harris

Dear Board members of the DSO,

I write to you today to plead with you all to do the right thing. The right thing is to dismiss Anne Parsons, remove her permanently from the DSO organization, and to immediately end the strike by agreeing to the 25% pay cut offered by the musicians of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

As a long time supporter of the DSO, I am shocked and horrified by the response of the board to this strike. I know I speak for every supporter of the symphony when I say that we all expected the board to side with the musicians, not with the greedy, selfish individuals of management. Anne Parsons has become the new face of corporate greed and excess, and she has no place working for an organization of artistic integrity.

I pledge to you, the board members of the DSO that I and my family will NEVER GO SEE ANOTHER CONCERT AT THE MAX M FISCHER BUILDING if this strike is not resolved in favor of the musicians. In addition to my family, no one I have spoken to in my circle of friends and associates will attend either. We REFUSE to support a symphony that is sub-par, and under paid. We have NO INTEREST AT ALL in going to see college kids or recent conservatory graduates stumble through great works. WE WILL ONLY SUPPORT A WORLD CLASS DSO!!

Since 1989, I have personally donated thousands of dollars to the DSO. I will not give another penny to your organization if you continue to insult and devalue the players.

OUR DETROIT SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA IS A WORLD-CLASS ENSEMBLE, AND WE WANT IT TO STAY THAT WAY!! That means paying the musicians what they are worth. I truly believe the 25% pay cut is already TOO MUCH to take away from such virtuoso performers.

The city of Detroit, and all of south east Michigan, needs a world class orchestra. Without the DSO, Detroit moves ever closer to an artistic wasteland. The DSO is the corner stone of Arts and Culture in Detroit, and needs to be treated with respect.

Again, please fire Anne Parsons. She and her greedy, cheapskate ideology has NO PLACE with our orchestra.

With maximum respect,

Brian Harris



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