Letter from Brian and Antonia Sanchez-Murphy

January 17, 2011

Anne Parsons and the Board of

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Dear Ms. Parsons and Members of the Board:

As long-time subscribers of the DSO, we have been alarmed and confused by the current protracted and apparently quite bitter strike.

We have been uncertain as to what to do with our tickets for the Fall Season (and, we would guess, for the upcoming Winter Season).

Ms. Parsons’ recent letter to subscribers was so completely inappropriate in tone and substance (this is no way to settle a strike!), so bitter and angry and personal in its vilification of the DSO musicians that we have now decided what to do: we will ask for a refund for the tickets and will donate that amount to the Musicians’ Fund.

Sincerely yours,

Brian and Antonia Sanchez-Murphy


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  • Bill Harrison

    If only the DSO had leders as skilled and talented as its musicians. To quote Henry Ford, “Asking who ought to be boss is lke asking who ought to be the tenor in a quartet. Obviously, it’s the man who can sing tenor.” Advice to keep in mind when the DSO seeks a replacement for Ms. Parsons.

  • Judy Doyle

    Thank you! Short, clear, and to the point! if you have trouble getting your refund, you let SOS know and we will tell you how others have succeeded. Management does not make it clear or easy!
    Oh! And stay tuned! We have heard from absolutely hundreds of former donors and subscribers who LEFT the DSO and put their support elsewhere. They found us and reported that they are all waiting to see if the management and whole board leave in which case they will come back!
    Sweet, eh?

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