Letter from Brad Hawkins

To: The Board of Directors to the Detroit Symphony.

Regarding:  Detroit Symphony Strike.

I moved into the city of Detroit 15 years ago.  The first place I lived was
Trolley Plaza Apartments, now called Washington Square Apartments, in the theater
district.  While living in the theater district I fell in love with Detroit,
it’s people and culture.  I knew almost immediately I was to become a life time

What inspires me, so much about Detroit, is its cultural base…ie Fox Theater,
Fillmore Theater, Opera House, Music Hall and etc.  I cannot imagine a Detroit
without a top notch symphony anymore then I could imagine the DIA without a top
notch collection of art.  I have to ask…”Why would the Board of Directors, of
our Detroit Symphony, do anything to destroy the cultural fabric of my city?

I personally like to see Anne Parsons’ position replaced with someone who
actually appreciates the Symphony and with someone who’s pay reflects what I
believe a chairman of a non-profit should be making.  A chairman of a non-profit
should not be making more than our Michigan Governor or Detroit Mayor!  My point
is…if you’re going to make cuts, to the budget, it should be with the management
and not the musicians.

In my final note:  Please save our Symphony!

Sincerely Brad Hawkins



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